Food & Interiors Shoot at the Hilton on Park Lane

Last week, I completed a really nice photoshoot for the London Hilton on Park Lane

We shot a combination of food and interiors in a lovely suite at the top of the hotel tower. We started with breakfast, laid on a tray on the four-poster bed - which made for lovely interior shots too - and then breakfast set upon the round table in the dining room of the suite. The images have all the elegance of a gorgeous hotel breakfast on a white table cloth, complete with savoury dishes, pastries, fruit, tea, coffee and champagne. 

Then I shot two whole afternoon teas. One for Valentine's Day which is fast approaching, and the other one for Mother's Day. Both featured lovely little sweet treats on a cake stand, with plenty of red, pink, hearts and chocolate. Scones with clotted cream and jam obviously featured too, as did champagne and tea. The florist had prepared two beautiful bouquets of roses, one pink and white with plenty of foliage, the other one with deep red roses. As I have already photographed this suite for afternoon tea quite a few times, I tried for different angles. The window sill worked quite well with a lovely view of the Shard. As well as a straight-on view of the coffee table with the sofa and rest of the suite behind. 

Last but not least, I shot a couple of savoury dishes which will also feature on the Valentine's Day menu of the hotel. One was a starter of courgettes risotto with julienned zucchini, and the second one was a salmon tartare in a curry sauce. As always, lovely to be back at the Hilton on Park lane for some beautiful Food & Interiors Photography.